Call for Special Sessions and Workshops

To enhance the technical program and open the door to specific topics and areas related to Brain-inspired Cognitive Systems, the BICS 2018 welcomes proposals for Special Sessions and Workshops to be included in addition to regular sessions.

Special sessions/workshops can cover subjects or cross-subjects belonging to the topics of interest, or novel topics related with the ones identified within the topics of interest.

Papers submitted for special sessions are to be peer-reviewed with the same criteria used for the regular sessions. The proposals for BICS 2018 Special Sessions and Workshops should contain the following information:

  • Title of the special session or workshop
  • Names, affiliations, email addresses and short bios of proposers
  • Description of the proposed session or workshop (including aims and scopes)
  • List of 6-10 potential contributors

Researchers interested in organizing special sessions are invited to submit a formal proposal. Special session proposals will be evaluated based on the timeliness of the topic, its uniqueness, and qualifications of the proposers. A tentative accept/reject decision on the proposal will be sent to the proposers within one week after its receipt by the Special Sessions Chair. Accepted special sessions will be listed on the website.